Why You Should Invest in Real Estate, if you live in California.

Why You Should Invest in Real Estate, if you live in California.

  • Andrew Mehta
  • 09/7/21

Did you know that the best real estate investment are rental properties in 2021? For starters, there is a surge of undervalued properties and extensive financial liquidity like never before. Equally, rental properties include fewer risks and higher returns.

Investing in real estate could, therefore, be satisfactory and beneficial. However, most people think that now is not the right time to dip their toes in the market. Well, here are three critical reasons why 2021 is the year for real estate investment — especially in Studio City, Encino, and Sherman Oaks.

Increase in Remote Workers

The possibility of working from home gives remote workers local independence. Most people can now comfortably live hours (and even states) away from their business location. Therefore, places like Sherman Oaks become excellent alternatives to remote workers due to affordable real estate pricing. According to the New York Times, many people are fleeing to the suburbs, thus creating massive demands.

Expanding Property Opportunities

Come September 6, 2021, COVID-19 Relief Bill will expire. What does this mean to the thousands of American households staying afloat solely in this extra cash? Well, most people will have no option but to sell and avoid foreclosure. Equally, the expiration of the Forbearance extension further complicates the issue. Savvy investors in Studio City, Encino, and Sherman Oaks can expect to buy homes at an excellent rate.

Home Prices Won't Stop Rising

Everyone knows that houses appreciate with time, but most investors tend to shy away because of short-term fluctuations. However, what you need to be looking at when investing in Studio City, Encino real estate is the power of appreciation within an extended period. Interestingly, realtor.com reports California as among the hottest housing markets in 2021. Studio City, Encino, and Sherman Oaks Real Estate investment will, therefore, yield profits.

It's Time to Jump into South California Real Estate Market

It is clear that rent and house values will continue to increase despite the short-term recession. Therefore, now is the right time to invest in South California real estate. At Andrew Mehta — Coldwell Banker Realty, you get to have a piece of the highly competitive U.S. housing market. Ensure you contact us to start diversifying your portfolio.


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